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"I let the music share what's in my heart
with every note I play, and the ones I don't.
I let the music speak with a louder voice
for this quiet heart".

~ Ian Pedersen - "Quiet Heart"

Ian holding a guitar on the beach

Ian's musical style can be described as emotionally charged and expressive, with each note and lyric conveying a deep sense of feeling and sentiment. His music is characterized by a wide range of emotions, from raw and intense to soft and tender, and everything in between. Whether he is performing an original or a cover song, Ian infuses his music with a powerful emotional energy that resonates with his listeners and leaves them feeling deeply moved. Overall, Ian's musical style is an immersive and deeply emotional experience that speaks to the human condition and touches the hearts of all who listen.

Ian holding a guitar on the beach

In addition to being a singer-songwriter, Ian has also demonstrated his versatility and creativity by writing a musical. This project showcases his talents as both a musician and a storyteller, bringing together his passion for music and theater in a unique and powerful way. Through his work on this project, he has shown that he is a true artist with a diverse range of skills and a willingness to take on new challenges and push himself creatively. More information about the musical will be available soon.

~ Sass Jordan

Original Songs

"Too Far Gone (2022)"

Written By Ian Pedersen

"We Can Choose (2022)"

Written By Ian Pedersen
Cover songs of some of my favorite artists.

"April Come She Will"

Written By Paul Simon

"Buckets of Rain"

Written By Bob Dylan
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